Passing the Baton: "To hand over a particular duty or responsibility" Oxford Dictionary

iConnnect Communications has been set up to assist new innovative technology companies to develop a successful business in the Middle East. To use the relay and “passing the baton” analogy we provide the anchor leg and deliver the “Baton” of new innovative Technology, Energy and Business solutions into the Middle East.

Since 2000, iConnect have been helping UK companies break into the Middle East to expand their business horizons into the Gulf States and Africa.

The Concept is ...

In London 2012 the Jamaican team took the Olympic 100m relay gold in a new world record. Each team member working together to deliver baton first.


Taking that (innovation and IPR), which is most precious to our partners and delivering it in response to business opportunities. iConnect is empowering UK companies to develop their business across the Middle East Region